We are very excited to announce that WordGo 1.7 is live! Below are the new features we wanted to bring to your attention.

Preview your Group Gathering details

We have created an area where you can preview your Group Gathering weekly details!

Simply tap on the 'Calendar' icon on the top right of your screen. You'll see here details of the course your group is studying, the next Gathering date & time and the location and/or online meeting url. When you're ready to study, simply tap 'Let's Get Started' and you'll head into your daily study.

Preview Group Member study time preferences

It is now possible for Guides to view how long each Group Member has set to study for. 

Simply tap on the 'Calendar' icon, top right of your screen, where you'll see a preview of your Group Gathering details. Then tap on 'Let's Get Started'. You'll see under the 'Attendance' section the 'Study Time' in green for each of member of your group.  This allows guides to see what group members have access to specific questions.


We've  added a whole new way to enable discussion during your gatherings. Now a Guide can select a question, press the 'Discuss' button and that specific question will be highlighted on everyone's phone.

Support & Give

We have changed the look and added images to our Support (the icon with a (?)) and Give (the icon with a hand holding a heart) tabs.