WordGo is built with you in mind. It is fully customisable to suit your schedule, and you can change the timings at any point. 

When first setting up the app, you can choose how long you wish to study for each day by simply moving the slider to your desired time.

After you've set up the app, you can change this by navigating to the 'Profile icon' which is the circle with a person in it to the bottom right of the screen. 

You then tap on 'Study Preferences' where you will see a summary of your study preferences.  

You choose 'Change study settings' to review or alter how long you study for, the time of day you want to study at, the days of the week and finally whether or not you want to set an allotted time to pray before beginning your study.  The amount of time you choose to study will affect the amount of study material you receive each day. You can change this again at any time. 

Here is a video to help guide you through it. If you require any further assistance with this particular issue please raise a ticket here to speak to a customer support agent.