Congratulations you've completed your current course! It's time to start a new study. Here are a few steps to show you how to do this:  


- When you get to the final day and week in your current study and you wish to move onto another course you'll see 'Congratulations! You have completed this study.' You'll have an option to rate the study here. Tap 'Next'.  

- You'll then have the option to leave more specific comments on how you found this study if you wish to do so.  

- Then tap 'Mark Course Done'.  

- You'll then be able to 'Explore Course Library' and choose your next study course.  

- When you've chosen your next course tap 'Start Course'. You'll be asked 'How you would like to use this course?' and you can choose to 'Stop your Group's current course' which means you have completed the current course and your Group will automatically be taken onto the new course you've selected. Your current course will go into the 'Completed Courses' area within the app so don't worry you won't lose anything. There's no need to invite members to join either, your current Group will automatically move onto this new course with you. Then simply tap 'Start Course' and your new course will load for your Group. 

Here's a quick video walking you through this process.