First of all, it is important to note that a short code can only be utilised by a user who is signing up to WordGo for the first time, and will not be usable by those who already have a WordGo account and have previously or are currently taking part in studies, either as a member or a guide.

If you've been invited to join a WordGo group your Group Guide may have given you a short code. Here's how to use this code to create an account and join your group. Please note the short code is only valid for 4 hours, after this you will need to ask the Group Guide to invite you via email. 

1. Download the WordGo app and select 'I'm new to WordGo', then 'I'm replying to an invite', then 'Sign up with short code'. 

2. Enter your short code in the top line, then complete the other registration details and tap create. 

3. You have now joined your WordGo Group and can customise your study settings. If you tried this and it didn't work please check that you are still within the 4 hour timeframe and have entered the code correctly. And don't worry, your Group Guide can always invite you to join the group via email at any time. Please ask them to do this if the short code doesn't work. 

Here's a quick video showing you how to sign up with a short code