Here's a quick guide to creating a Group Guide account on WordGo. 

1. Download the app from the App from the App Store or PlayStore.

2. Open the App and tap 'Get started/SIgn In' and then tap 'Create an account.'

3. From here you fill in some required details and click on 'Create Account.'

4. You then move ahead to 'Select Course' from where you will be able to browse the course Library. Once you choose a course to begin you can click 'Start Course,' but don't worry if you change your mind about the course, as you can change this at any point.

5. You will now be asked whether you would like to study 'With Friends' or 'On your own.'   

If you choose 'With Friends' you can then choose from two options of 'get to know each other' where an intro-gathering is held, or alternatively you can 'get straight into your course.'

Click here for more information on holding an intro-gathering -(

6. If you choose to get straight into your study the app will lead you to choose your set Gathering Details and from here you will decide whether to gather in-person, gather online or a mixture of both.  All options will lead you to set up gathering details, including date, time and frequency of your gatherings.

7. Next you will invite your group. 

(Click here for some guided information on adding members -

That's it, you've created an account and are ready to start studying with your friends.